Special Saudi Commission to find access to Arabian Sea

A memo entitled “Highly confidential and urgent”, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud al-Faisal to the Crown Prince, refers to a senior level Commission in charge of  finding a naval port for the Kingdom on the open sea (Arabian sea) either through Oman or Yemen.

The Commission is made up of senior level members from the Ministries of Interior, defense, foreign affairs, finance, oil and mineral resources, transportation, economy and planning, as well as the presidency of the General Intelligence.


2011 Memo from Saudi Foreign Minister on combating Shias in Yemen

A memo from the Saudi Foreign Minister in 2011 on combating expansion of “Shi’ism” in Yemen and how the Kingdom can support the Sunnis in the country through a strategy that will be overseen by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Riyadh, and the *Muslim World League’s Yemen branch in order to preserve the interest of the Kingdom, and to support the Sunnis in Yemen.

*The Muslim World League’s headquarters are in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The group was established in the 1960s by the Kingdom as a counter to leftist ideologies then sweeping the region. The league is seen as a cornerstone of the Saudi effort to disseminate Wahhabism.