Saudi embassy report: Qatar instigated unrest in Yemen

A 2012 Saudi Embassy report from Sana’a alleges that Qatar paid Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar $250 million to foment rebellion in the Yemeni army and to prevent the 2012 presidential election of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

If true, this challenges the refrain by US, UK & UN officials that former president Saleh was thwarting the election process. Now we find out that it was al-Ahmar & Islah (the Yemeni branch of the Muslim brotherhood), financed by Qatar, who were working to block the GCC-backed transition process in Yemen.

I always thought Saleh fought hard to ensure that his sweet GCC deal – which provided him with full political immunity – stood while Islah tried to sabotage it. This cable leak would seem to confirm it.

Source: Wikileaks Saudi Cables


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